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Bill Hudson

President, H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company

Bill Hudson is President, International, H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company. Hudson is a global manufacturer of compression sprayers and knapsack sprayers used throughout the world in consumer lawn and garden markets, public health, agriculture, construction and industry. As the leading manufacturer of this type of equipment the company enjoys high market share and consumer brand awareness.

Bill is the fourth generation to participate in the leadership of this family owned corporation dating back to 1905. The company employs 300 people around the globe and has manufacturing facilities in the United States of America and Mexico. Its products are marketed in most free countries of the world through a vast network of salesmen, representatives and distributors.

Bill also served as Chairman and President of H.D. Hudson Asia Limited, the company’s former wholly owned subsidiary in Asia which was recently closed to support a new Made In USA initiative.

Bill serves on the Board of Directors of H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company, Sasser Family Companies, a privately held transportation asset leasing company in Chicago, where he is Chairman of the Board and also serves as Ex Officio to the Governance, Audit and Compensation Committees. Bill is on the advisory board of Environmental Systems Design in Chicago, a global leader in engineering design. Bill is also an advisor for Advisory Board Architects.

Bill is active outside the company in several places such as the American Hardware Manufacturers Association where he is the Chairman of the Executive Committee, The Hardware Group Association where he is their Past President and on their board of directors, The Russell R. Mueller Retail Hardware Research Foundation as a director, and an active participating member of the Hardware Marketing Council (past president), Lawn and Garden Marketing and Distribution Association (past director), and The Young Presidents Organization (YPO/WPO).

Bill is also active at St. Eugene Catholic Church where he is Trustee Treasurer, a parish member, an Extraordinary Communion Minster, and has served on the Parish Council, Capital Campaign Leadership team, Strategic Planning committee, Stewardship committee, Prayer and Worship committee, Christian Formation Committee and as a Sunday School teacher.

Bill studied business and finance at the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University. He lives in the Midwest region of the USA with his wonderful wife and has four outstanding daughters.

Feb. 12, 2022

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