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The Family Business Leadership Podcast

The Family Business Leadership Podcast

Family businesses are the backbone, if not the heart and soul, of the economy. In this podcast, Robin Letchinger interviews business leaders, family members, board members, shareholders, academics, family advisors, and authors to uncover what makes family businesses so unique and important. In the process, she uncovers and explores the concept of stewardship and how many successful family business leaders use that concept to create sustainable family businesses for future generations.

Recent Episodes

Josh Kanter - Utilizing a Family Office

May 19, 2022

We often think that a family office is for the ultra-wealthy multi-generational family business. Is that true? Who really can benefit from a family office? When should you consider a family office? Do you need an independent…

Guest: Josh Kanter

James Bly - Strategy for the Family-Owned Business

Feb. 19, 2022

James Bly, the national practice leader of Ernst & Young LLP’s Family Enterprise Business Services, joins Robin to discuss the importance of strategy in guiding a family-owned business. Listen in on Robin’s engaging discussi…

Guest: James Bly

Bill Hudson - Mixing Family Member and Independent Directors

Feb. 12, 2022

In your family-owned business, should you have a board comprised entirely of family members or some mix of both family directors and independent directors? In this episode of the Family Business Leadership Podcast, Robin exp…

Guest: Bill Hudson

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SMB Interim Management

Producer and Sponsor

We provide clients with experienced high performance, C-level executives, on short notice, to carry out time-intensive assignments in a wide range of businesses. Our world-class portfolio of C-suite executives and functional management specialists are on call to provide unique "overkill" solutions matched to specific client assignments.

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Yate Advisors

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Yate Advisors helps law firms build family business practices. Yate utilizes consulting and team coaching solutions to help firms understand the needs of family business clients or prospects. Their consultants will help your lawyers connect more effectively with owners, leaders, and managers in family businesses.

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Robin Letchinger


As Chair of the Family Enterprise practice at Croke Fairchild Morgan & Beres, Robin Letchinger brings years of experience focused on family businesses, family enterprises, and family offices. As general counsel for a multigenerational family holding company with multiple subsidiaries across North America and Australia, Robin developed a keen awareness of the hard and soft issues challenging multigenerational families, providing strategic solutions that balanced business, personal, and tax goals. Previously, she served six years as a member of the company’s board, ultimately chairing its compensation committee.

Robin currently serves as a fiduciary board member and chair of the governance committee for a fourth to fifth generation family holding company, as well as an advisory board member for a third to fourth generation family business.

Briefly stepping outside the legal industry, Robin was the first Enterprise Family Market Leader at Family Office Exchange. In that role, she advised family offices and family enterprises on identifying opportunities and risks, allocating family capital, optimizing their governance structures, and educating the rising generations.